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Building Strategy Confidence Amidst Rapid Industry Change

The power industry is in flux.  The nation’s generation stack is rapidly evolving, thermal generators are being retired, solar and wind generation are increasing at unprecedented rates, and the timeline and impact for utility-scale battery storage are still unknown.  To add further uncertainty, the dynamics of the markets are also changing.  

Covid changed the population’s behaviors, extreme weather events are increasing, and drought is placing hydropower plants at significant risk. The rapidly evolving generation stack and the changing market dynamics necessitate quick and informed decision making for both generation owners and financial power traders.

In this environment, it’s important that you have access to the most accurate generation and transmission data out there.  The best analysts and decision makers need access to both historical and real-time generation and transmission data.  In this rapidly changing landscape, you and your team need: 

  • Access to data that can help you evaluate the historical performance of specific generating units in major markets in order to understand their impact on the grid’s behavior

  • The ability to see generators tripping offline in real-time

  • The highest speed of data available to make decisions in real-time 

  • Visibility into significant unplanned generation events

Without these capabilities, you will fall behind the competition. If you are an asset owner, asset operator, or DART trader, you need access to the most accurate real-time generation and transmission data available. Armed with this data, you can build a strategy you’re confident in, but you also have the ability to pivot in real-time when a large unit trips off unexpectedly, the weather does something unpredictable, or if the unexpected happens due to the changing dynamics of the grid and generation stack.

Luckily, Live Power data, integrated with Yes Energy’s solutions allow you to boost power market strategies with accuracy and vision.  Live Power utilizes the newest technology to provide 60-second transmission data in PJM, ERCOT, and now, MISO.  Paired with Yes Energy’s data solutions, Live Power data offers you the ability to leverage accurate, real-time data alongside the most extensive nodal energy market data available.  These capabilities are guaranteed to provide a competitive advantage to participants in nodal markets.  You don’t want to be the last to see major grid events kicking off.  With Live Power’s real-time data, integrated with Yes Energy’s tools, you’ll be the first to know as generators ramp up, trip off, or behave unexpectedly, allowing you to have confidence in your strategy, make critical decisions at ease, and quickly and confidently adapt your plan of action in light of unpredictable events. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Live Power and Yes Energy’s joint solutions, click here and we’ll be happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation and solution demonstration.

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