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Yes Energy's Power Markets 101 - Coming Soon!

Are you interested in learning more about power markets or developing a career in the energy industry but don’t know where to start?  Do acronyms like ISO and LMP have you scratching your head?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Join us for our upcoming educational series: Power Markets - 101. Yes Energy will be posting weekly content on: 
  • The power grid

  • The history of US power

  • The introduction of Independent System Operator’s (ISO’s)

  • Deregulated market structures

  • Generation

  • Financial power trading

  • All the acronyms from A - Z!

I heart power markets - Yes Energy graphic

As the industry leader in power market software solutions, Yes Energy knows the complexity of energy markets, the data needed to understand and participate, and we have our finger on the pulse of where the markets are headed next.   Understanding power markets and the challenges that traders, utilities and other industry professionals face is core to who we are. We love power markets and are undaunted by these challenges. So let’s dig in and learn more about these markets!

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