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Yes Energy Acquires TESLA, Inc., Leader in Global Forecasting Solutions

Yes Energy, a leader in power market data, today announced the acquisition of TESLA, Inc. The combination of TESLA, Inc. and Yes Energy will add tremendous value to power market analysts by creating an integrated solution for load forecasting and analytics in the highly data-intensive power markets. These power demand forecasts will help Yes Energy’s customers better understand how demand will impact power market prices given the extent of supply and transmission congestion.

"One of the hardest things traders need to do every day is to understand how local weather, renewable generation, market economics, and consumer behavior intersect to affect the demand for electricity in the near future,” said Michael McNair, CEO of Yes Energy. “We are excited to welcome TESLA, Inc. to Yes Energy to help our customers solve that problem.” 

TESLA's Solutions

TESLA's off-the-shelf forecasts enable real-time, bal-day, and day-ahead traders to keep a pulse on current market conditions and hone their strategy. It enables asset managers to predict load and optimize their asset portfolios while assisting utilities with managing load obligations in their service territories. 

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