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Empowering Utilities with Robust Energy Market Data to Make Informed Decisions and Stay Competitive

As we know, the deployment of renewables is a critical step toward combating the climate crisis. But the trend also poses new challenges for utilities and other power providers, who need to rethink how they analyze electricity markets and operate their generation fleets.

The weather-dependent nature of wind and solar power generation means there’s much more uncertainty about whether there will be enough power to meet the demand on the grid. This can translate to volatile electricity prices.

It’s challenging to fine-tune the balance of supply and demand without understanding how markets are performing. That's why robust market data is essential for utilities and independent power producers that own and operate solar, wind, and other generation facilities in wholesale electricity markets. With the right analytics, they can:

  • Track power flows, congestion, and prices
  • Make informed decisions on where to site plants
  • Optimize economics and grid operations.

All of these will help utilities and independent power producers stay competitive in a rapidly changing landscape. Read the full article on Utility Dive. 

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