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THG Gets Powered by Yes Energy So Customers Can Make Active Energy Management Decisions

With Powered by Yes Energy™, THG Energy Solutions (THG) works to enable active energy management decisions for hundreds of commercial and industrial (C&I) power consumers across the US.

With evolving environmental and sustainability goals and the increasing electrification of buildings, large power consumers face increasing complexity around energy management and accounting decisions. THG provides practical solutions for these companies. Its suite of energy management solutions and services give customers centralized data and necessary tools to understand power usage patterns and cost trends. It helps identify opportunities for optimization, measure results of sustainability initiatives and investments, and most importantly, centralize and standardize energy data into actionable reporting structures. 

One of THG’s core offerings is its Automated Demand Response solution, incorporating a combination of telemetry, customized alerts, and on-site hardware and automation to drive decision-making through dynamic market conditions. That includes real-time aspects of power market data, which Yes Energy has been supporting THG with for over five years. 

“Yes Energy continues to be a consistent and reliable source of data that we leverage to offer market insights to our customers. As we grew our business to over 500 C&I Customers, Yes Energy’s data solutions made it easier to provide strategic insights and powerful information to our clients to keep them informed and ready to respond to ever-changing conditions.” - Katie Becht, Business Development Manager at THG

THG leverages Yes Energy data solutions to monitor standardized day-ahead and real-time power prices, forecasted and actual demands, and temperatures across five power markets and eight local transmission zones. Powered by Yes Energy is also a valuable tool for supporting THG’s in-house models and event-day forecasting, which is incorporated into THG’s solutions for end-users and market partners alike.

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Image source: THG Energy Solutions

Do you need power market data to build the industry's next innovative solution? With Powered by Yes Energy™, you can accelerate the time to market of your commercial offerings with the confidence of the industry’s most comprehensive, most trusted, and most sophisticated power market data solutions. Yes Energy provides wholesale pricing, ancillary services, load, transmission outage/constraint, real-time generation, and weather data.

Contact us today to learn more about using Powered by Yes Energy to drive solutions for your customers. 

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