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Tesla Electric Gets Powered by Yes Energy to Increase Renewable Energy Usage

Tesla Electric customers in Texas can make more informed decisions on when to charge their electric vehicles and Powerwalls thanks to Yes Energy®.

If you buy your electricity from Tesla Electric in Texas, you can now see how much actual renewable power is being generated for Tesla Electric’s customers, in real time. With this additional insight, retail customers can decide when to use power to reduce their carbon footprint. 

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This data insight is made possible by Powered by Yes Energy™ and Live Power® generation data. Live Power delivers fastest-in-industry reporting of generation and transmission flow data. Proprietary, patented sensors deliver high-accuracy, real-time grid data every 60 seconds. Live Power coverage includes renewable generation in Texas from which Tesla Electric is procuring power for their customer base, making it possible to see real-time energy production. 

Do you need power market data to build the industry's next innovative solution? With our new Powered by Yes Energy offering, you can accelerate the time-to-market of your commercial offerings with the confidence of the industry’s most comprehensive, most trusted, and most sophisticated power market data solutions. In addition to real-time generation data, Yes Energy provides wholesale pricing, ancillary services, load, transmission outage/constraint, weather data and more.

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