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Announcing Yes Energy’s New Brand Identity!

You may have noticed a modernized logo and new messaging across, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We are thrilled to be sharing our refreshed brand identity with you.  

Since we founded Yes Energy 15 years ago, our focus has been on saying "yes'' to our customers to help them succeed. As our data catalog, product solutions, and the types of customers we serve have expanded, we’re building on that growth mindset with our new rallying cry, Win the Day Ahead™.

"While we have a new message and logo, when it comes to our dedication to deliver, we are the same 'humble and willing' extension of your team that we’ve been since day one. In fact, we're more focused, more energized, and more capable than ever to help you Win the Day Ahead.”

- Michael McNair, Founder and CEO of Yes Energy

How do you “Win the Day Ahead”? We believe that in order to help our customers win the battle against the daily crunch, Yes Energy can help by providing Better Data, Better Delivery, and Better Direction.

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Better Data

We’re meticulous about better data – constantly monitored and updated from public, partner, and proprietary sources, then cleaned and standardized for ease of use. We gather 750,000+ data collections and 110,000,000+ rows of new data per day. We have a team dedicated to spotting data changes that will impact you, so whether an independent system operator (ISO) changes report formats, changes website links, or fails to send a file, we’ve got you covered with our best-in-class data to help you make the most informed decision.

Better Delivery

Our ISO market data is delivered as an integrated, complete data set, with flexible options to ingest and analyze the data. We’re innovators in delivering power data sets, no matter what your tech stack is. So whether you need an intuitive dashboard to visualize changes in the market or prefer an API, data lake, or cloud-based solution to ingest our entire data warehouse for complex modeling, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Better Direction

We offer first-rate service, from highly responsive customer support to robust training programs and strategic customer success initiatives – all from a dedicated and proactive team of power market and technology experts. 

Yes Energy offers unmatched guidance to accomplish your goals, streamline your workflows, and answer your questions related to nodal power market data feeds, congestion, and locational marginal price (LMP). If you’re passionate about power data like we are, you’re in the right place. 

Want to learn more about how Yes Energy’s Better Data, Better Delivery, and Better Direction can help you solve your data and decision-making challenges? Request a demo.

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