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ERCOT Virtual and Point-to-Point Trade Submission Challenges

Frustrated with missing out on trades because of issues with submitting your virtual or spread trades in the day-ahead (DA) market? As a virtual or spread trader, you can waste a significant amount of time and effort trying to meet the various ISO bidding standards and valid node collections. 

One example is in ERCOT where the ability to identify valid and energized nodes in pre-trade analysis and submission processes is critical for ensuring that ERCOT will accept and clear all trades. 

In ERCOT “valid nodes” and “energized nodes” are distinct elements of the ERCOT electrical grid.

What Are Valid Nodes? 

Valid nodes represent locations on the ERCOT electrical grid where the transmission and distribution system is designed to connect various power resources, including generators and loads.

These nodes are points of interconnection where electricity can be injected into or withdrawn from the electrical grid. Valid nodes play a critical role in managing the flow of power within ERCOT.

What Are Energized Nodes? 

Energized nodes refer to valid nodes that are actively connected and carrying an electric current. Effectively, these nodes are points on the ERCOT electrical grid where power is flowing at a given moment. 

Monitoring energized nodes is essential for day-ahead (DA) and real-time (RT) management. It allows for ERCOT electrical grid operators to assess the current of the system, balance supply and demand, and take corrective actions to ensure the reliability and stability of the ERCOT electrical grid.

Benefits of a Solution for Valid and Energized Nodes

Knowing that your portfolio is using only energized and valid nodes ensures that trades will be accepted in the ERCOT DA market, without running into issues with invalid or de-energized nodes.

This provides a competitive edge, as you can more quickly compile and submit your portfolios to the market. It also helps to avoid portfolios that may be suboptimal or not balanced from a risk perspective. 

Validation API Endpoint


Daily Portfolio Analysis Module

Daily Portfolio Analysis Module

Yes Energy Can Help!

Submission Services takes the guesswork out of DA virtual and spread trade submission. It ensures you align to and fulfill ISO requirements with comprehensive validation logic being directly embedded and enabled in the submission process. This is all delivered to your front office through a visual portfolio analysis dashboard and an easy-to-integrate data API.

Some of the validation processes that Submission Services includes are:

  • Energized and valid nodes
  • Electrically similar nodes
  • ISO-specific rules (volume and price rules)
  • Wash trades

Our team of market experts stays updated on ISO developments and ensures our solutions are proactively updated as required. This is all part of Submission Services providing exceptional performance in trade execution and validation. Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you so that you can keep the focus on maximizing your returns in the DA market.

Learn more about Submission Services today, or schedule a demo

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