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Announcing 2023 Summit Keynote Speaker Peter Kelly-Detwiler

We’re pleased to announce that Peter Kelly-Detwiler will be Yes Energy’s keynote speaker for the 2023 Summit!  

Author of The Energy Switch: How Companies and Customers are Transforming the Electrical Grid and the Future of Power, Kelly-Detwiler is an energy expert, strategic consultant, and industry storyteller with 30 years of experience in the electric energy industry.

PKDThroughout his extensive career, Kelly-Detwiler has honed the ability to synthesize vast amounts of cutting-edge energy market and technology information in order to support consumers and companies navigating the complex energy transformation. His expertise ranges from consumer energy use to the politics of energy to electric, solar and nuclear breakthroughs.

According to Kelly-Detwiler, 

“At the heart of the critically urgent transition to a cleaner and more efficient power grid lies data - data relating to locations, energy ‘products’, prices, and other critical elements of the power grid (all of which have been incorporated into how power markets are run). Data is another ‘fuel’ that powers our grid and informs our markets. But data alone is no good, and it only becomes valuable when it is marshaled into reliable and accessible information that tells people a story, informing them as to what is taking place, where to allocate resources, and - in some cases - where to change course. That’s the heart of what Yes Energy does.”

During his visit to Yes Energy, Kelly-Detwiler will address the important issues related to a rapidly evolving grid and the critical role of timely and accurate information. He will outline concrete ways in which companies can effectively navigate through, manage risks, and profit from the energy transition.

Join us for our annual Summit to hear from industry leaders, subject matter experts and Yes Energy specialists on topics that matter most to you and your business.

Yes Energy Summit 2023

February 21-23

Boulder, Colorado 

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