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Strategies for Moving to the Cloud

There are many good business cases for moving to the cloud.  The cloud offers speed, agility, and better ROI. Since the cloud is no longer a new concept, organizations can rest assured that it is reliable and reasonably secure.  If your business isn’t utilizing the cloud, it’s time to start. However, care should be taken when migrating to the cloud.  It’s important that you have a well thought out strategy before you begin to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and that you get the best results possible from the migration.  If you think that you’re ready to migrate parts of your business to the cloud Yes Energy have put together some resources that should help you plan and implement the process.

These resources will help you:

  • Decide which parts of your business to move to the cloud.

  • Create a strategy tailored to your business.

  • Implement your cloud migration smoothly, improving the success of your business.

Cloud Migration: How and why business is migrating to the cloud

Cloud Migration: How and why business is migrating to the cloud

Armerding explains why so many businesses are moving to the cloud and gives a brief overview of migration strategies and security risks.


Cloud Migration Risks & Benefits

Cook at Cloud Academy analyzes the benefits and risks of cloud migration. He also examines how to choose the best cloud service model for you and your business..


Mass Migrations to the Cloud Series

This is a series written by Orban on mass cloud migrations. He goes over things to consider before beginning a mass migration, the process, and strategies for moving to the cloud.


6 Steps for Planning a Cloud Strategy

This article outlines six steps that businesses should take when planning and developing a cloud strategy.

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