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Resources for Snowflake Tuning

If you’re ready to use Snowflake, we’ve put together some resources for tuning Snowflake to get the most out of it. We hope these articles help you optimize your Snowflake use.

Snowflake Community

Join the Snowflake Community to learn from, engage and innovate with other data professionals. Join the Q & A forum or user groups to help you get the most out of Snowflake.

  Case Study: How Clustering Can Improve Your Query Performance
Study on manual vs automated clustering

Although somewhat dated, this is a good case study on manual vs. automated clustering. It aims to help the reader make better decisions when choosing clustering keys. An informative read.

Oracle Vs. Snowflake

Oracle VS. Snowflakes

An article on the differences between Oracle and Snowflake, and why the author stopped using Oracle after 30 years. Ryan gives great detail on Snowflake’s benefits.

  Snowflake Performance Tuning: 5 Best Practices
Snowflake performance tuning

Another article by John Ryan, this article takes a look at how following best practices allows Snowflake to analyze and present data without sacrificing on performance.  Simple, and good things to think about: optimizing compute, cache considerations and clustering.

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