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Optimizing Data Collection Amid the MISO MUI Change

The Midwestern Independent System Operator (MISO) will be retiring their original Market User Interface (MUI) and transitioning to their MUI 2.0. Currently, the MUI retirement is slated for January 2022. They are upgrading the MUI for performance, and security reasons. While MUI 2.0 will be a more modern system, with a RESTful API/ JSON design, it will be significantly different than the original XML-designed MUI.

As part of this transition, a subset of low-latency MISO data will be changing formats.  This means if you collect data from the MISO MUI, you will need to upgrade and change your existing collection process.  Additionally, if you submit your bid files directly to MISO, you will need to restructure your bid files ( 

Managing data changes like this can be extremely time-intensive for market participants to navigate.  This is not the first data distribution and collection that has occurred in nodal markets, particularly recently.  On average, during recent changes in other markets such as ERCOT and PJM, Yes Energy has dedicated 3 months of 4 full-time developers’ time to ensure that there is a smooth transition to new collection systems - that equates to approximately 4,800 hours of skilled staff time. 

Companies in all industries are experiencing a shortage of skilled, technical employees. Does your business have the resources - in terms of both talent and time - to dedicate to navigating this collection change successfully? Even if you have the human resources, it is likely that there are more strategic projects that they could be spending those 1,920 hours on. Additionally, it’s critical that your business redirects data collection and data submissions effectively and correctly. There are dire consequences for your business if you are unable to do so.

For example, if one of your traders or operators has a strategy built on specific data sets, if access to those data sets is lost, they will be left with an incomplete market picture.  With an incomplete view of the markets, it will be impossible to trade effectively, and there is a risk that your business will experience significant losses as a result.  On top of that, if your business runs out of time to alter these processes, you will be unable to submit.  If you can’t submit, you will be unable to make a profit, manage or hedge risk, or even participate, which would significantly impact your operations and profits.  

Fortunately, there is a solution that allows for everyone in your business to rest at ease.  Yes Energy has an entire team dedicated to migrating our MISO collections from the MUI to the MUI 2 successfully, and by the due date.  We are experts in nodal market data and have a successful track record with technical system migrations, such as PJM Data Miner and edatafeed, ERCOT MIS, and many more.  Additionally, we have established, reliable, and secure submission services solutions.  If you’re struggling with learning how to submit to MISO with a different format, we can help! We will submit your bids for you.  Ultimately, if you participate in multiple markets, you can expect more changes like this in the future.  Yes Energy is the nodal power data expert, and we can take care of changes like this for you.  Investing in Yes Energy’s solutions means never needing to worry about data changes like this again.  You may not even know they happened! 

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