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Getting Started with Snowflake

Getting Started with Snowflake

provide data warehousing as a service

Snowflake utilizes the cloud to provide data warehousing as a service.  While data traditionally resides in disparate systems, Snowflake puts data into their cloud based data warehouse for functional, easy analysis and longer term storage.  Their unique architecture supports unstructured, semi-structured and structured data.  


So where should you begin with Snowflake? We’ve compiled a list of resources that give a little more information on Snowflake, and how to get started on the platform.  


Snowflake in 8 Minutes


Snowflake in 8 minutes gives a brief demo of Snowflake in action so you can see what the Platform looks like and understand some of its functionality. 


Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse


Fron’s article walks the reader through his decision to use Snowflake, his experience with it and step-by-step directions on getting started.

Ten minute beginner’s guide to snowflake cloud data warehouse

10 Minute Beginner’s Guide to Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

Pitcher’s article originally published on Medium tells you how to move your data onto Snowflake, and start running queries in just 10 minutes. 


Getting Started

Snowflake’s guide to getting started offers support around system prerequisites, logging in and navigating the platform.  They also provide a 20 minute guide with step by step instructions for using Snowflake.  Find their video library, hands on labs, and more supporting documentation here too.


Snowflake Tutorials

Sign up to participate in a data warehousing tutorial, their weekly 30-minute demo, and their Cloud Analytics Academy here.

We hope you find these resources helpful in getting you started on your data warehousing journey with Snowflake and Yes Energy!