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Getting Started with Data Science - Link Roundup

So you’re interested in learning more about Data Science!

We know that since Data Science encompasses capturing, maintaining, processing, analyzing and communicating data to gain insightful information there is always more to learn!  That’s why Yes Energy has compiled a list of resources for you to learn more about all aspects of data science, no matter where you are on your Data Science journey.

Towards Data Science joined Medium in 2016 and they now have 15 editorial associates around the globe.  Towards Data Science believe that data-related knowledge is a key to making the world a better place.  They offer a plethora of articles from various contributors, a monthly edition, event talks, video tutorials, narrated articles and a podcast.  They publish so much content that they’ve created a couple guides to using their Medium publication. 

Check out the guide on navigating their Medium platform and finding the information of most relevance:

Visit their learning section, offering continuously updated courses made of select content organized by theme:

Data Science 101 was founded in 2012 by Ryan Swanstrom when he began a blog about his transition from software engineering to a career in data science. Now it’s consistently rated as one of the top Data Science blogs.  

Check out regular vlogs on Data Science News, like new releases and updates on Cloud data science platforms here:

Learn more about online courses offered by the Swanstrom Academy, including: machine learning with Azure, Amazon Sage and Google Cloud, in person training and a data strategy email course here:

Data Science Dojo was founded on the principle that Data Science is for everyone, and that everyone can benefit from it.  They offer a variety of courses including:

  • An online course

  • A 5 day boot camp offered online and in person in locations across the globe

  • Private boot camps and customized courses for organizations

  • A 14 week practicum 


Check out all of their courses and learn more about them here:

We hope you find these resources for Getting Started with Data Science to be helpful.  Happy learning!

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