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The Cloud + Nodal Power Market Data = DS Cloud

The Shift to the Cloud

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud, and for good reason! Deloitte reported that companies are driven to move their data and applications to the cloud for three main reasons: to improve security and data protection, to modernize their data and analytics, and to save money on performance and IT operations. Companies are looking for speed, agility, and improved ROI for their organizations, and the cloud delivers!

Why Power Market Data on the Cloud?

Power market activities result in a lot of data, and that data feeds everything from forecasts to day-ahead offers, real-time offers, and virtual trades. For companies that rely on this data for analysis and decision making, it only makes sense to move their power market data to the cloud along with their other business data and applications. Remember, speed, agility, and improved ROI are just some of the benefits the cloud offers businesses.

Who Needs DataSignals Cloud?

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Yes Energy created our DataSignals Cloud (DS Cloud) solution to solve the business needs of our customers, bringing the benefits of the cloud to nodal power markets. DS Cloud provides your business access to all of Yes Energy’s high-quality data, without having to worry about data transfers or storage capabilities.

While our DataSignals API is a great solution, its uses can be limited. Throttles are put in place for our API solution to keep the data on our user interface fast. But, we also wanted to give our customers who need big data the ability to access all the data they need as quickly as they need it!

If your business needs require you to access large quantities of data quickly, DS Cloud was made for you! DS Cloud has no throttles; scales easily; connects to SQL, Python, R, Tableau, and Power BI; and lets you access data immediately.

What Is DS Cloud?

DataSignals Cloud is, essentially, the Yes Energy database replicated onto Snowflake’s data warehouse solution in the cloud. Here are just a couple of reasons you might want Yes Energy’s data at your fingertips!

  1. Yes Energy is the industry leader in collecting energy market data! We offer the most robust energy data available aggregating and standardizing data from all ISOs, non-ISOs, and third-party partnerships.

  2. We take data quality seriously! Data quality is important. A good model is useless if you’re using poor data. We have an entire market data operations group dedicated to collecting, cleaning, mapping, monitoring, and engineering data so that you don’t have to.

  3. Historical data! We have data from the inception of most US power markets and it’s all standardized. Fuel your analyses with the best and most comprehensive power market data out there!

What Is Snowflake?

We chose to partner with Snowflake to enhance the capabilities of our DS Cloud product offering. Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse solution that is available across platforms and tools, especially those required by today’s nodal market experts. Snowflake’s modern data warehouse keeps the look and feel of a traditional relational database, but it’s built on top of cloud storage and data lakes. It allows you to store all of your structured and semi-structured cross-organizational data in one solution to power a wide range of workloads. This allows a wide variety of users within your organization to easily and efficiently utilize your data.

Snowflake runs on the three major clouds: Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure so that your organization can work with the platform that best suits your individual business needs. 

Traditional data warehouses have unique challenges that Snowflake solves. Snowflake automatically handles performance tuning at scale, automatically manages remedial DBA activities, and allows for faster access to data anytime your organization needs it.

Ready to get on the cloud? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to talk through your business needs to decide if DSCloud is the right solution for you!

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