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Yes Energy announces the release of TradeNOW!

Boulder, CO

Yes Energy announced the release of TradeNOW into their QuickSignals product.  TradeNOW is an innovative data collection technology used to deliver critical market signals to QuickSignals dashboards and QuickSignals RTD data feeds.

One trader using TradeNOW says, “You're getting Hub North a second and a half faster!? That's a really big deal!”. In many instances, the speed improvements are even greater:

  • 4.0 - 12.0 seconds faster - INDIANA.HUB (RT LMP, ExAnte, ExPost, ExPost/AnteDiff)

  • 1.0 - 3.0 seconds faster - ERCOT HB_NORTH (RT LMP - Adders Included)

  • 0.25 -0.4 seconds faster PEPCO/PENELEC (Provisional Dispatch Rates-15 Sec --Indicative of PJM Western Hub Next Tick)

TradeNOW data collection being used on the right, Legacy collection used on the left.

“Traders participating in the ICE Bal-Day market will benefit the most from this new technology. These fast paced markets require the fastest data to capture trading opportunities. Along with the release of TradeNOW, Yes Energy is increasing its investment to reducing latency across all of our data collections,” said Isaac Velander, VP of Product at Yes Energy. “We believe these investments in the fastest data possible makes QuickSignals the market leading tool for supporting real-time energy traders and asset managers.”

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Yes Energy revolutionized power market data visualization with the introduction of its flagship product, PowerSignals, in 2007. Since its founding, Yes Energy has grown to be the industry leader in providing power market participants with tools to support their daily trading operations. Yes Energy collects & manages thousands of real-time & historical power market data series including (but certainly not limited to) ISO/RTO data, LMP prices, FTR auction results, transmission & generation outages, real-time generation & flow data, and load & weather forecasts. The Yes Energy trading suite provides an end-to-end solution for power traders through a combination of five products.

  • PowerSignals - Real-time and historic ISO market data transformed into insight with 1000+ users

  • QuickSignals - Monitors the market in real-time via custom dashboards, mobile, and desktop alerting tools

  • DataSignals -  Data feed of PowerSignals data directly into your workflows, spreadsheets, and other in-house solutions via an API or private database.

  • Submission Services - Submit market trades to the ISO and receive your awards directly all in one tool.

  • RiskSignals - Trader-friendly tools to optimize portfolios via profit analytics and risk models.

Yes Energy's 50 plus employees are committed to helping market participants in North American nodal power markets be more successful and more efficient. This is achieved by understanding their challenges and developing cutting edge information solutions and it is sustained by an undaunted 'can do' spirit embodied by its entire staff.

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