Yes Energy Partners with NGI to Seamlessly Visualize Natural Gas and Power Data

Energy Market Data Leader partners with Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) to provide comprehensive natural gas price indexes for more than 170 locations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

Boulder, CO, February 16, 2023 – Yes Energy, a leader in North American power market data, has partnered with veteran price reporting agency NGI to allow customers access to NGI’s daily natural gas price indexes within Yes Energy’s suite of analytical tools and data products. The new partnership allows customers to instantly visualize, analyze, and gain insights into the complex relationship between natural gas and nodal power markets.  

The Integration of NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index with Yes Energy Products 

North American power markets are highly complex and data-intensive, requiring decision makers to constantly incorporate a higher volume and velocity of data into their decision models. Natural gas in particular has a critical impact on electric power prices and trading decisions. Since both power and gas markets are subject to local constraints, the ability to visualize the data together on a map is critical. This alliance enables Yes Energy customers to do that. Integrating NGI’s daily natural gas price data into the Yes Energy suite of products will also allow subscribers to use purpose-built charts, tables, and drill-downs to transform huge amounts of detailed data into actionable insights. 

Gas markets provide critical context to understanding power market dynamics and Yes Energy understands how valuable this data is to our customers” said Isaac Velander, Vice President of Product. “If that wasn’t already obvious, 2022 volatility in the gas market reminded us all what high gas prices can mean for the power markets. For this reason, we chose to partner with NGI to expand the coverage of gas market data in our products. NGI is a leading provider of natural gas data, news, and insights. They are one of the few companies who partner with the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) to enhance their price indexes. All Yes Energy customers benefit from our partnership with NGI through the expanded coverage of gas locations in our products. We’re excited for the future of this partnership and the value it will provide to our mutual customers.” 

"Of course we had to say 'yes' to Yes Energy," said Dexter Steis, CEO of NGI. "Combining NGI's market-trusted natural gas price indexes on top of Yes Energy’s suite of gas and power analytics creates a win-win for our mutual clients seeking to visualize and understand market fundamentals. The partnership underscores both our commitment to market transparency and our mission to support these energy markets."

About Yes Energy

Yes Energy is a leader in power market data. Founded in Boulder, Colorado, Yes Energy set out on a mission to deliver nodal power traders powerful, insightful, actionable data, and now offers the most robust, high-quality data for companies participating in the fastest moving, most volatile, and most data-intensive commodity markets on the globe. Yes Energy creates innovative solutions to power the work of traders, asset managers, and infrastructure developers/investors as they seek to better understand the inner-workings of this critical industry. Yes Energy is proud to be an industry leader and is committed to developing the next generation of industry leaders.

About NGI

Since 1981, NGI has been a leading provider of natural gas price transparency and key news, insights, and data for North American energy markets. NGI currently publishes 170+ daily, 160+ midday, 150+ bidweek, 70+ forward prices in the US and Canada, as well as 40+ prices in Mexico. Through a partnership with the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), NGI includes ICE trade data in its proprietary price index determination process. NGI also produces natural gas forward curves out 10 years, as well as Mexico and LNG price data. Believing that transparent markets empower businesses, economies, and communities, NGI provides natural gas price transparency, news and information services to help businesses across the global value chain understand price changes, fundamental shifts and market events that affect their business decisions.

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