Yes Energy Expands Live Power Coverage Coast-to-Coast

Energy market data leader, Yes Energy, adds 60-second generation and transmission data services in California and the west to its power market platform, providing comprehensive, coast-to-coast coverage.

Boulder, Colorado — May 31, 2023 – Yes Energy, a leader in North American power market data, is now delivering comprehensive 60-second power generation and transmission data covering California and the broader western power markets through its Live Power® solution – the most comprehensive coverage available from any data vendor. The addition of California and western market coverage completes Live Power’s mission to provide nationwide grid monitoring.

North American power markets are highly complex and data-intensive, requiring traders, power companies, and asset managers and developers to constantly incorporate more and faster data into their decision models. California grid operators and market participants are preparing for another summer of extreme demand. This summer they will also need to factor in the variability of hydroelectric output associated with managing runoff from the state’s largest snowpack in 40 years. Both factors are likely to increase market price uncertainty. This makes real-time generation data from hydroelectric, thermal, and renewable generation resources across the region absolutely critical for decision makers. 

This coverage delivers immediate value to Yes Energy’s Live Power customers to make day-ahead and real-time trade decisions.

"Yes Energy is thrilled to bring more monitored coverage across all seven major regional power markets to decision makers via Live Power’s monitoring network," said Vice President of Data Operations, Amber Armentrout. "Live Power coverage will continue to expand as new capacity additions affect market dynamics and respond to customer requests." 

Live Power monitoring data is fully integrated with Yes Energy’s industry-leading data tools/services, allowing traders, utilities and power market investors to:

  • See online/offline dispatchable power generation capacity and unit-by-unit output to track day-ahead unit commitment and evaluate day-ahead to real-time spreads
  • See inter-zone transmission flow to spot real-time congestion
  • See renewable production on the geographic “edges” of the market, a leading indication of changes in ISO-wide fleet performance
  • See sudden plant and line outages to explain unexpected scarcity pricing
  • See long-term views of power transmission flows to forecast grid congestion in the future
  • Capture today’s grid flows to calibrate models daily with the latest plant/line data

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