Yes Energy Acquires The C Three Group, Data Leader in North America Energy Infrastructure Projects

Yes Energy's acquisition of The C Three Group will provide customers with valuable insight into energy infrastructure projects across North America.

Boulder, Colorado — October 3, 2023 – Yes Energy®,  a leader in power market data, today announced the acquisition of The C Three Group, LLC, a leading supplier of energy infrastructure market intelligence and analysis. Founded in 1998, The C Three Group tracks, analyzes, and forecasts the current and future state of energy infrastructure projects across North America, providing valuable insight on energy infrastructure investments and changes that affect supply and the flow of power on the grid.

The North American power sector is experiencing a massive wave of investment in electric energy infrastructure, including new electric generation and electric transmission as we electrify our economy. Understanding the nature and details of this expansion is critical for all market participants. The C Three Group has the deepest and the most thoroughly researched energy infrastructure project databases in North America, coupled with decades of industry insight and experience.

The C Three Group infrastructure project databases, market forecasts and commercial due diligence are used by customers as a source of comprehensive strategic and tactical market insights. C Three’s client base represents the complete energy infrastructure value chain: from engineering, to contractors, manufacturers, investors, and power market traders.

Yes Energy's customers can now have access to deep insights and timely updates through C Three’s market knowledge about the ever-changing status of energy projects including: new generation and transmission build, transmission maintenance and upgrades, and interconnection queues. By incorporating new generation and transmission projects into simulation, planning, and predictive models, along with Yes Energy’s comprehensive market data and analytical tools, energy players from traders, power companies, asset managers and developers can enhance the accuracy and reliability of their forecasts. This data is critical in decisions related to trading, asset management or capital investments.

"We are thrilled to welcome The C Three Group to Yes Energy. Both companies share a passion for mining the world for essentially hidden and overly complex data with a high degree of integrity and making it actionable for our customers. By combining Yes Energy’s automation technologies and industry standard data platforms with C Three Group’s rigorous and proprietary research methods, we believe we can bring a new level of visibility and usability to this information which details the renewal of the power industry as it transforms before our eyes,” said Michael McNair, CEO of Yes Energy. “The acquisition of The C Three Group is just another example of how Yes Energy is helping our customers navigate the complex power market and Win the Day Ahead™ through Better Data, Better Delivery, and Better Direction."

During 2023, C Three forecasts the North American electric industry will spend almost $110 billion on transmission and distribution infrastructure, almost 10% growth over 2022. In addition, over 19 GWs of new generation capacity will be added to the grid. And, over 100 new data centers will be added to the grid during 2023. “These additions will dramatically impact the operation of the grid and pricing dynamics in power markets. It is critical that energy market participants are able to track the status of each of these projects to understand when they will be completed and how they will change market dynamics,” added McNair. 

Jean Reaves Rollins, CEO of The C Three Group, added, "As we move to our next stage, it was important for our C Three team and for C Three Group’s clients that we find a partner that shares our core values which center on providing the very best market intelligence and analysis available coupled with a commitment to our clients to provide them with the best service possible. C Three’s reputation for having the most comprehensive energy infrastructure data available did not come by accident, it is an outgrowth of the hard work and dedication of an amazing group of people I call The C Three Team. We look forward to the next stage of our growth as part of Yes Energy.”

About The C Three Group

Founded in 1998, The C Three Group is a leading supplier of energy infrastructure market intelligence and analysis. C Three’s infrastructure project databases and custom market research provide strategic insight coupled with actionable market intelligence to the leading engineering firms, contractors, equipment manufacturers, regulators, and power market traders. Learn more at

About Yes Energy

Yes Energy is a leader in power market data and provides innovative solutions to help traders, power companies, and asset managers and developers make sense of the complex, rapidly changing power market. Yes Energy provides robust, accurate and timely data, and comprehensive tools to help customers navigate the markets and make the right decisions every day. It’s time to Win the Day Ahead™ and only Yes Energy provides customers with the unique combination of Better Data, Better Delivery, and Better Direction needed to do that. Learn more at

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