Transaction View - Delivering Transparency to Electricity Market Transactions

Boulder, CO: On July 21, 2021, Yes Energy announced the availability of Transaction View, their newest solution.  Transaction View utilizes data from the FERC’s Electric Quarterly Reports in both deregulated and regulated markets and transforms it into easily consumable and actionable views and formats.  Transaction View offers a new way for power marketers, originators, asset developers, and asset operators to accelerate decision making and confidently expand their strategies with competitive benchmarks.

“Until now, it has proven extremely challenging for wholesale market participants to gain insight into the transactions and pricing activity of competitors. Transaction View leverages FERC’s EQR dataset to provide our customers with a goldmine of insightful transaction intelligence in an easily accessible format. Yes Energy is excited to further enable price discovery, market transparency, and competitive intelligence for all U.S. power market players.” - Cliff Rose, Product Manager

Features and benefits of Transaction View include: 

  • Data to inform your pricing or buying strategy, giving you an edge in your deal negotiations 

  • Access to the data your investors need to inform their investment decisions and analyze plant revenue and operations

  • Quickly and easily view power transactions by power asset, company, or landscape of a region

  • Competitive insight into your competitor’s transactions and business strategy

  • Prospect identification - discover entities who have power contracts coming to an end

Transaction View is available beginning July 21, 2021. 

About Yes Energy: Yes Energy is the leader in power market data.  Founded in Boulder, Colorado, Yes Energy set out on a mission to deliver nodal power traders powerful, insightful, actionable data - it now offers the most robust, high-quality energy data in the industry.  Yes Energy creates innovative data solutions to power the businesses of not only nodal power traders, but also power marketers, originators, asset developers, and asset operators.