Live Power Announces Expansion into MISO Market

Boosting Power Market Strategies with Accuracy and Vision

On August 12th, 2021, Live Power and Yes Energy announced the expansion of its proprietary sensor network, delivering 60-second generation and transmission data in the MISO market.  Live Power leverages its patented technology, allowing market participants to confidently trade with an up-to-the-minute understanding of the market fundamentals of supply and congestion on the power grid. 

This expansion into MISO enables delivery of Live Power MISO data, integrated with Yes Energy’s data and tools, and the information of other 3rd party vendors, enabling market participants to: 

  • Make analytical decisions with greater ease 

  • Boost confidence in portfolio strategies 

  • Quickly and confidently adapt action plans amid unpredictable events 

Live Power’s MISO data feed is now available and covers 97 power plants and 157 transmission lines.  The MISO package includes 24 PJM plants, along the MISO/PJM seam, and complete coverage of the ComEd zone. For more information about Live Power’s MISO data and Yes Energy’s strategic partnership, visit:

About Live Power and Yes Energy’s Strategic Partnership

Live Power utilizes the newest technology to provide 60-second, real-time generation and transmission data in PJM, ERCOT, and MISO markets.  Paired with Yes Energy’s solutions, Live Power’s data offers customers the ability to leverage accurate, real-time data alongside the most extensive nodal energy market data available, providing a distinct competitive advantage to players in these markets.